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Produce Overview


Miatech specializes in solutions that improve appearance, maintain quality and freshness, and extend the shelf life of produce offered in supermarkets today. Many of our solutions can more than double the shelf life of retail produce.

While produce is on display, or in the walk in cooler, often conditions remain that fail to meet ideal humidity levels, ethylene levels and provide for the proper hydration. Such conditions can negatively impact the fruits and vegetables sold by supermarkets. At Miatech, we manufacture and install equipment around the world that addresses these very concerns. The results are a more profitable department and an improved image for the consumer.

The following pages will give you a better idea of the opportunities and benefits that can be achieved when you allow Miatech to adapt one or more of our many solutions to your retail environment.  


Your systems are working very well, it would be very aggravating if we did not have them.

Josh, Produce Manager, North Carolina, USA

I like the new misting system, it saves you money, keeping the produce fresh. I like the convinience of not having to hand water.

Robby, Virginia, USA