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Meat Overview

Meat service case humidification

Expensive displays of fresh red meat benefit significantly from service case humidification. Meat merchandisers now insist on the appealing sheen that is maintained by proper humidification.

While the better look is important to the overall reputation of the entire store, you typically see a weight loss variance of 2% or more verses not humidifying. Weight savings will vary according to the type of refrigeration, how the meat is cut, and how long it is displayed, but, humidification makes a bigger difference than you might think. Miatech offers three different types of technology to meet the demands of today’s variety of cases. 

Fresh looking displays will always out sell “tired looking” product. Ask those behind the service case… they know! Our charts will show why you can’t afford to be without a fresher looking display. Learn more from a Miatech representative about how we can help you achieve your goals.


I like how quiet the system is, as well as the finer fog it produces that does not create fallout or dripping on my cases.

Stacie, Meat Manager, Jacksonville, FL

We have had the best results from the Miatech Aqua Foggers and they have performed very well.

Rex, Remodel Team Lead, Southern California

Equipment in Use

Red meat humidification

Fresher Appearance

Properly humidified meat looks much better.

Service case humidification

Reduced Weight Loss

Using our service case humidification system you will cut your meat weight loss by more than 50%.

Meat display case humidification

More than Doubled Shelf Life

Miatech solution will typically at least double the sellable life of fresh meat.