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Seafood Overview

Fish ice table

Fresh seafood displays are sold by weight, so it makes sense to minimize losses due to dehydration of the seafood displayed. There are three primary reasons for using Miatech equipment to manage the hydration of your seafood displays:

1) Merchandisers desire fresher and more attractive displays

2) Impact on odor control

3) Quick payback from reduced waste and weight loss.

Typical weight loss for this product category can vary based on the length of time displayed, the type of seafood, and ratio of surface area exposed /weight of product. In any event, a very conservative 2% variance can be expected. When you review the charts provided, you can see how quickly this can add up.

 Whether using ice tables, or service cases for displaying seafood, Miatech has a professional solution that will help you accomplish your goals.


We tested 2 other brands with no success. The Miatech Atomizer is by far the better system for our ice table applications, and the Miatech service is second to none in the industry.

Dave, Construction Project Manager, Portland, OR

With the Miatech Atomizer, not only is our presentation enticing but the odor problems associated with fresh fish have been minimized.

Mike, Seafood Department Manager, OR 

Equipment in Use

Ice table misting

Reduced Weight Loss

Seafood weight loss is cut by more than half. Both for ice table misting and seafood service case humidification.

Seafood service case humidification

Improved Fresh Appearance

Both misting and humidification of seafood has an amazing impact on the appearance of the product.

Fish humidification

Odor Reduction

Seafood odors can be greatly reduced.