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Deli Overview

Deli service case

If you operate the deli service case with product wrapped in plastic, then Miatech equipment will be of little use to you. If, on the other hand, the deli case has a lot of opened sliced meats, cheese, etc. then a Miatech humidification system is really a must for your display!

You can expect our system to cut your waste by at least 50%, give you fresher and more appealing displays, and will typically show you a weight loss reduction of at least 2%. Weight loss will vary based on how thin the meats, cheeses and other products are cut. The more surface exposed for the weight, the greater the loss. Our charts will show why you can’t afford to do without proper hydration.

For salads that develop a “crust”, and other similar product challenges, the appropriate humidification system will minimize those issues, while at the same time communicating to staff the importance you place on the proper care of your display.


It keeps all my deli items looking fresh and my shrink almost non-existent.

Dennis, Deli Manager, CA

Adding humidification to our deli service case has reduced shrink by 50%.

Bret, Deli Manager, CA  

Equipment in Use

Deli humidification

Reduced Weight Loss

Deli Service case humidification can reduce weight loss on our deli items by about 50%.

Fresh deli

Improved apperance

Properly humidified deli items look much better than they did without humidification.

Deli fogging

Almost Invisible

Humidification equipment is hardly visible to store customers.