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Night Blinds Overview

Miatech Aspis Night Blinds

When your store is closed at night your refrigeration cases are still working, so why leave them open to release cold air and waste energy? Our Aspis night blinds are the most technically advanced night blinds in the industry. Our unique woven aluminum fabric, with patented anti-bacterial coating, offers superior performance, while at the same time resisting bacteria and the development of bio-film better than any other product on the market. In addition, Miatech’s Aspis night blinds have shown energy savings from 8% to as much as 41%. In all cases, the end users were delighted with the results.  

Much has gone into our design including; optional magnets for easy installation, and speed reducers that prevent damage from blinds being retracted in a careless manner. Contact a Miatech representative to learn more

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I like the ease of installation and the look of the blinds, I am very satisfied with the product.

Morton, Owner, Sarasota, FL

I appreciated the fast service and easy installation of the Miatech ASPIS night blinds with magnets. We received them 2 days after we ordered and unboxed them and installed them ourselves. It was quick and easy and allowed us to begin saving energy right away.

Brandon, Owner, Scappoose, OR

Equipment in Use

Night Blinds demonstration at FMI



Night blinds on a refrigerated case during daytime



Night blinds in store at night