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Miatech’s Solutions for

water purification

Water Purification Overview

Water purification

Miatech can provide you with a range of water purification systems using a process called Reverse Osmosis. Our systems remove up to 98% of the dissolved minerals in water, therefore helping to protect your equipment investment from mineral damage.

In addition to using water purification with other Miatech systems, we offer systems that protect store equipment ranging from bakery proofers to ice machines. Investing in proper water purification equipment can save large amounts of money by reducing maintenance costs.


Misting with treated reverse osmosis water makes the produce healthier and allows it to absorb more water to preserve it longer and keep its fresh look for our customers.

Heather, Store Manager

The Katia reverse osmosis system helps keep our mirrors and produce cases cleaner and reduces the mineral damage.

Don, Equipment Buyer, WA

Equipment in Use

water purification equipment

Water Purification

Proper water treatment can be vital for your profitable operations.

Miatech Reverse Osmosis system

Reverse Osmosis

RO has become widely recognized within the industry due to its many possible applications in water purification, as well as for its durability and economical operation

Equipment damaged by hard water

Mineral Damage

Bakery proofer boiler damaged by minerals. With an RO this might be prevented.