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Walk-in Cooler Humidification

Walk-In cooler humidification

Ventilation and refrigeration in your walk-in cooler can hasten the dehydration process, robbing your vegetables of the moisture needed to maintain their freshness and appearance.

A walk-in cooler humidification system will help to prevent the “tired” look that many vegetables can display each morning due to the effects of dehydration. Even non-misted items such as mushrooms, strawberries, and some citrus can benefit from proper RH levels, and now, new technologies have made humidification more affordable than ever.

With proper humidification, products generally last twice as long as they would otherwise, making it much easier to manage inventory and use the walk-in-cooler for the purpose it was intended.


I love the hydration system in the cooler. Saves me time. I am grateful for it. I don’t have to throw out so many vegetables in the morning because it keeps them fresh. The misting system works great!

Teddy, New York, USA

Once you get used to it it’s hard to be without it. No problems with it.

Mike, Georgia, USA

Equipment in Use

Installation of fogging head

Fogging Head 

Specially designed fogging head will put humidity only into the air, and not on the floor.

Fogging heads installed

Easy Installation

Our humidification systems can be adjusted to any size of walk-in cooler.

Humidification system for walk-in coolers. Vorias 32

Cost Effective

More affordable than you think.