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Seafood Ice Table Displays

Ice table misting

While a bed of ice can make for a very attractive display, often you find that ice is covering much of the seafood. Covering more of the display than desired is a common challenge as staff strives to maintain proper temperature and hydration levels. An ice table misting system can overcome these challenges, while maintaining the visual appeal of the display. 

Most ice tables are misted from above, creating a theater effect. This has led to claims by many retailers of a 15-30% increase in sales immediately after the installation of a Miatech seafood mister. Such equipment and theater can virtually bring life to a seafood department, and demonstrate to customers your commitment to quality and freshness.

Contact a Miatech representative to learn more about specific studies as well as opportunities to evaluate Miatech equipment in your store. We want our solution to be part of your presentation strategy.


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With the Atomizer we get a nice fresh presentation and it eliminates the odor problem.

Kelly, Seafood Merchandiser, CA

The weight loss has been reduced considerably since I purchased the Atomizer.

Ryan, Store Manager, CA

Equipment in Use

Seafood ice table humidification

Reduced Weight Loss

Seafood weight loss is cut by more than half. Both for ice table misting and seafood service case humidification.

Seafood misting

Improved Fresh Appearance

Both misting and humidification of seafood has an amazing impact on the appearance of the product.

Fish misting

Odor Reduction

Seafood odors can be greatly reduced.