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Miatech’s Solutions for


Service Case Seafood Displays

Seafood service case

Miatech offers multiple technologies to manage the hydration issues in your service case. With more styles of service cases on the market than ever before, we have developed solutions and options to deal with any situation.  

Miatech has been manufacturing reliable service case humidification systems since 1987, and are recognized as the industry leader in technology and innovation. So, whether you desire a visible fog as part of your display, or no fog at all, we manufacture solutions to fit your needs. Let a Miatech representative help you find the right solution to achieve your goals. 


The system is very quiet, you can hardly hear it running.

Jeff, Seafood Manager, WA 

It has really improved the look of our seafood display.

Kris, Seafood Manager, OR 

Equipment in Use

Fish fillet humidification

Reduced Weight Loss

Seafood weight loss is cut by more than half. Both for ice table misting and seafood service case humidification.

seafood misting

Improved Fresh Appearance

Both misting and humidification of seafood has an amazing impact on the appearance of the product.

Service case humidification

Odor Reduction

Odor reduction is a very pleasant side effect of the humidification.